Robert Alan Wolf, AIA

 What, remodel your home?

I have a dream... My dream house!

Do you dream of improving your home, your very quality of life? Perhaps you have ideas, experiences of gracious living from a vacation or a neighbor's party, but you don't know how to implement them? Where do you start?

Budget and Resale

What can you afford? How much you invest in remodeling depends on the value of your home, as well as your needs and the lifestyle you aspire to. A common benchmark is one percent of your property's value per year that you intend to enjoy your remodel. So, if you plan to sell in less than 4 years, budget 4%. If you plan to leave in 4 to 8 years, budget 7%. Over that, budget about 10% of your home's total value for your remodel.

Idea Resources

This website shows many final projects. Each is uniquely optimized to each client's needs. So spend some time determining what you want. Look in magazines, books, daily papers, and catalogs. Tour model homes and open houses. Think about what makes you comfortable: cozy nooks, great spaces, low maintenance, energy efficiency, or sustainably manufactured building materials... these elements, brought to your design professional, will start the unique and successful collaboration which will result in the creation of your dream home.