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"I wanted to drop a quick note and let you know how impressed we are with the remodel of our home on Havenhurst Drive. We have spent so many months watching the structure take shape and the systems go through much needed upgrades that we almost lost the feel for the beauty of the project. It is now at the stage where changes are happening every few hours. Hans and his crew are really working hard to complete by Christmas while giving us a quality product. It is a great project and I wanted to ensure we recognized your efforts on the design of a relatively small space. It will not only make a statement in the neighborhood, but also will be an efficient and useful home."

 — Paul & Jean C., Los Altos

"I thank you for your beautiful design on the bathroom... excellent work of Art." 

 — Josephine and Bob P., San Francisco

“Every day I am grateful for our beautiful house. Thank you.”

— Lisa and Paul, San Leandro

“This is to thank you most sincerely for your efforts, blood, sweat, and tears expended to make Casa Undici a home of distinction. Not only are you richly talented, but you are a great person and a pleasure to work and create with. I hope we can have a long association in the future, now that the work is done. Once again, Bob, please accept my most heartfelt thanks for your great contributions.”

— Jeffrey Allen, Piedmont

"We are so pleased with your creation!  All the skill and patience you have shown throughout the process of fulfilling our remodeling dreams has been truly appreciated."

— Bob & Joan U., Albany

“…we have touched base with all of our neighbors regarding the remodeling project of our home. …were all very supportive of this project and have not expressed any issues. They are happy that we have a competent architect who has been working closely with your office to ensure that the requirements meet Piedmont’s City Planning requirements.”

— Li Chun O., Piedmont